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I have always been into drawing with traditional art supplies. By experimenting a lot with different techniques, tools and mediums, I challenges myself to keep trying new things to improve my art.

01. INSTA - Drawing Josie Fear.jpg

I am currently experimenting with oil based pencils from Faber Castell Polychromos and wax based pencils from Prismacolor.


Graphite pencils or black and white studies make capturing light, shadows and values more accessible for in your drawings.

Character Design #01 - Instagram post 2.jpg

Visual language is important to free your mind and translate thoughts or visions into personal illustrations and stories through sketches.


I have always been busy with drawing and sketching. A small selection of my work with coloured pencils by Prismacolor Premiere.


Since early 2014 I started with trying portrait drawing with graphite pencils. My friend inspired me to do this and give it a try. I never thought that I would like it so much and I still love getting lost in fine details.


My illustrations are made of mixed media materials. 

In my sketchbook you will find drawings of things in my life and surroundings that inspire me. I also try to draw my emotions and feelings.


I like to capture the entire process of a drawing into a time lapse video. This way I can reflect afterwards and learn about the process.

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